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Ivan Wang

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  • VP Testing BD and Operations
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Ivan WANG, VP of MooreElite Testing BD and Operations, Master of Industrial Engineering from Tsinghua University, Taiwan.

Ivan WANG is responsible for the integration of the multinational resources and teams of MooreElite in China, the United States and France, committed to creating a domestic research and development, self-made testing platform and ecology, developing high-quality testing solutions, and providing high-quality mass production testing services for domestic and foreign customers. He used to be an assistant researcher in the Department of Industrial Engineering of Tsinghua University, and the chief executive officer of the Artificial Intelligence Manufacturing System Research Center. With more than 30 years of experience in the semiconductor industry and the rich experiences in the wafer manufacturing plants in IDM and professional semiconductor testing companies, he is experienced in manufacturing technology and management, IC testing factory management and marketing.

Starting from the first-line production engineering of integrated circuit fabs, and experiencing wafer manufacturing and production management operations, wafer foundry operations, and testing plant directors, Ivan WANG has been committed to IC production and manufacturing field for more than 15 years. He is excellent at management and personnel incentives, and production lines, diagnosis and resolution of production equipment problems, improvement of production capacity and production efficiency, management and improvement of complex supply chain processes, innovation and establishment of management systems. In the latter part of his industrial career, he expanded to business development and marketing, responsible for developing strategic customers and formulating company operating policies and development strategies, leading and promoting the development direction and growth of the company’s business; in addition, he served as a test company spokesperson, communicating with external shareholders, other artificial persons and media. Ivan WANG has participated in the construction of fabs, the establishment of test companies and factories. He is equipped with complete industry experience and qualifications. When leading the AI research center, Ivan WANG managed 11 teams and 150+ R&D engineer, and was responsible for formulating the overall technology and application research and development strategy of the research center, supervising R&D, and promoting industry-university integration and technology application promotion.

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