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Dr. Wei Li

  • National Silicon Industry Group
  • EVP
  • Zing Semiconductor Corporation & SIMGUI Technology
  • Chairman
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Dr. Li Wei graduated in 1994 from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University and received his Master’s Degree of Materials Engineering in 1997 from Zhejiang University, followed by his Ph.D in 2000 from the Microelectronics at Shanghai Institute of Metallurgy CAS.

Dr. Li participated in the establishment of Simgui and has served many roles in that company since 2001, including: Assistant to the President; Vice President; and Secretary of the Board. Since 2017, Dr. Li has been the Chairman of Simgui.

Dr. Li assisted in the launch of Zing Semiconductor in 2014, and has also served multiple roles there, including: Board Member, Co-CEO and Legal Representative. From May 2019, he has been the Chairman of Zing Semiconductor.

Dr. Li also helped to initiate the founding of NSIG and served as EVP of the company. From 2017, he continues in his role as the Secretary of the Board of Directors.

Dr. Li was awarded the 1st Class Reward of National Technology Improvements, First Prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award, and Outstanding Scientific Achievement Reward. He was selected as Shanghai Model Worker and to the National Ten Thousand Talent Program in 2016. Dr. Li has been responsible for many national / local scientific research and industrialization projects.

Dr. Li also serves as Vice President of China Semiconductor Industry Association (CSIA) as well as Vice President of ICMTIA.

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Topic: The Breakthroughs of 300mm silicon wafer in China

Abstract coming soon…

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Zing Semiconductor Corporation

Zing Semiconductor was established in June 2014 and is controlled by National Silicon Industry Group. Zing is a high-tech company providing high quality 300 mm silicon wafers for IC chip manufacturing industry. The main products are 300 mm polished wafer, epitaxy wafer and test wafer. The products are usually widely used as silicon substrates for integrated circuit industries such as memory chips, logic and analog, IGBT power devices and mobile computing communication chips.

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