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Dr. Yun Zhang

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Dr Yun Zhang, founder and CEO of Shinhao Materials LLC, has been active in materials innovation, R&D, marketing and sales for over 27 years, holding 26 granted patents, and numerous peer-reviewed journal publications. She started her career at AT&T Bell labs in 1994, carrying out materials research and development. Her work on tin whisker growth won international recognition for demonstrating experimentally for the first time its driving force and for developing mitigation solutions. In 2002, she was appointed global R&D director by Cookson Electronics Enthone for its electronics business. In the subsequent 10 years, her insight and leadership in fundamental understanding of electrodeposition process at a molecule level, combined with a deep appreciation of technology trends and customer needs has won Dr. Zhang many friends and willing partners at top tier equipment manufacturers and key customers. Those close and collaborative partnerships resulted in win-win to all parties for RDL, copper pillar and TSV plating. She received a BS in chemistry from Nanjing University, and a PhD in chemistry from Brown University.

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All Copper Is Not Created Equal

Technology breakthrough in advanced packaging presents innovation opportunities for materials suppliers. Although copper electroplating has been one of the corner stone technologies for decades, there is an increasing need to better understand the impact of copper microstructure on the relevant electrical and thermal properties as well as mechanical strength. We will briefly show what we have learned using five different additive systems and hope to receive feedback from customers.

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Shinhao Materials LLC

Shinhao Materials LLC is located in Suzhou China. Its mission is to invent and produce new materials to meet the ever-changing needs of the semiconductor industry, to service its customers in timely and cost-effective way. Being technology heavy, asset light, it has focused on technology innovation. Through its relatively short life, it has developed several unique classes of copper plating additives that have shown to be effective in addressing electrical, thermal, and stress challenges we are facing today. Its IntraCu® products are patent-protected in US, Korean, Taiwan and mainland China. To meet the challenge of chip shortage, Shinhao has developed a 2-in-1 copper plating process that can be used to manufacture both copper pillar and RDL. Furthermore, they can be used as “drop-in” replacement without sacrificing yield and cost. At the same time, it can significantly improve customer plating tool usage and productivity.

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