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Jung Gang

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Mr. Gang Jung joined JCET in 2021 as General Manager of the Automotive Business Unit. The recently established Automotive BU is responsible for leading JCET Group’s automotive readiness and analysis of automotive semiconductor market trends. Prior to JCET, Mr. Jung had worked at Harman Automotive as head of supplier quality for 14 years, where he gained experience in the management of semiconductor commodity suppliers.

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Advanced Semiconductor Packaging Technologies for Automotive Applications

The requirements for automotive semiconductor packaging technology are increasing as the complexity of automotive chips increases, and packaging technology is becoming more and more important to the overall performance and reliability of automobiles. Only chips that meet strict safety standards can be used in cars. With the popularity of new energy vehicle and automatic or assisted driving functions, how to achieve better chip performance, higher stability, lower power consumption and faster time to market, through advanced packaging technologies such as wafer-level packaging and system-in-package, has become an issue that OSAT vendors need to address. By choosing a more suitable advanced packaging form, automotive chips can avoid interconnection bottlenecks and speed up the response time of critical systems. At the same time, technologies such as chiplets can quickly shorten the time to market. Finally, advanced packaging technology will also help the chip to still protect the good working condition of the chip in the harsh environmental conditions including long-term vibration, electromagnetic interference and extreme temperature.

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JCET Group

JCET Group is a world’s leading integrated-circuit manufacturing and technology services provider, offering a full range of turnkey services that include semiconductor package integration design and characterization, R&D, wafer probe, wafer bumping, package assembly, final test and drop shipment to vendors around the world.

Our comprehensive portfolio covers a wide spectrum of semiconductor applications such as mobile, communication, compute, consumer, automotive and industry etc., through advanced wafer level packaging, 2.5D/3D, System-in-Packaging, and reliable flip chip and wire bonding technologies. JCET Group has two R&D centers in China and Korea, six manufacturing locations in China, Korea and Singapore, and sales centers around the world, providing close technology collaboration and efficient supply-chain manufacturing to customers in China and around the world.

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