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Weide Zhang

  • FAW (Nanjing) Technology Development Co., Ltd
  • Chief Architect
  • Biography

Weide Zhang is chief architect of FAW (Nanjing) Technology Development Co.,Ltd supervising the development of L2-L4 development of autonomous technology. Before FAW, he was a senior architect at Baidu and one of the early founding members of Baidu Apollo team. Before Baidu, he had been working in various areas of system development as well as machine learning in the past 7 years. He has Masters degree in Computer Science and System Engineering from University of Virginia and Bachelors in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

  • Presentation

Panellist for Discussion: New Enablers Towards High Level Autonomous Driving

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  • Company Profile

FAW (Nanjing) Technology Development Co., Ltd

FAW (Nanjing) Technology Development Co., LTD (referred to as FAW Nanjing Company) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of FAW Group Corporation, which was established on April 9, 2020. FAW Nanjing Company, as FAW Group Corporation’s Artificial Intelligence research and development center, mainly focus on AI perception system and AI big data platform. The AI perception system is able to support L2-L4 autonomous driving. The AI big data platform includes data analysis, customer behavior analysis, and so on. The company aim to be a reliable intelligent driving partner, who infuses vehicles with soul, and makes travel easier.

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