Prof. Shaojun Wei

Prof. Shaojun Wei


Tsinghua University, IME

Dr. Haijun Zhao photo

VIP Panelist: Dr. Haijun Zhao

Co-Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Gerald Yin photo

Keynote: Dr. Gerald Yin

Chairman and CEO

Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment Inc. China (AMEC)

AMEC logo
Rahul Manepalli photo

Keynote: Rahul Manepalli

Intel Fellow and Sr. Director of Module Engineering


Intel logo
Marvin Liao photo

Keynote: Dr. Marvin Liao

VP Advanced Packaging and Technology Service


TSMC logo
Seungwook Yoon photo

Keynote: Dr. Seungwook Yoon

Corporate VP/Head of Team of Package Technology Strategy and Planning

Samsung Electronics

Samsung logo
Francesco Muggeri photo

Keynote: Francesco Muggeri

Vice President, Power Discrete and Analog Products, Asia Pacific


STMicroelectronics logo
Markus Mosen photo

Markus Mosen


WeEn Semiconductors

WeEn Semiconductors logo
Raja Swaminathan photo

Dr. Raja Swaminathan

Corporate VP, Advanced Packaging


AMD logo
Mike Kelly photo

Mike Kelly

VP Advanced Package & Technology Integration

Amkor Technology, Inc

Amkor logo
Dr. Chengyu Wang photo

Dr. Chengyu Wang

Senior Director

Applied Materials

Applied Materials logo
David Song photo

David Song

CG Engineering Director

Aptiv China Technical Center

Dr. Christian Ohde photo

Dr. Christian Ohde

Global Director Semiconductor and Functional Electronics


Atotech logo

Dr. KK Kuo

Vice President of R&D Center

ATX Group

ATX logo
Wei Wang photo

Wei Wang

Assistant President; Director of Strategy Development

Automotive Research Institute (Suzhou), Tsinghua University (TSARI)

Automotive Research Institute (Suzhou), Tsinghua University (TSARI) logo
Yi Pei photo

Dr. Pei Yi

VP Technology

Dynax Semiconductor, Inc.

Dynax logo
Prof. Guanyin Lei photo

Dr. Guanyin Lei


Fudan University

Fudan University logo
Taiyi Cheng photo

Taiyi Cheng



Dr. Min-Hwa Chi

Dr. Minhwa Chi

Top Scientist, SVP TD

GTA Semiconductor

GTA Semiconductor logo
Youwen Fu photo

Youwen Fu

Device Product Line Director

Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics Co Ltd

Silan logo
Alex Gu photo

Alex Yuejie Gu

IGBT Technical Director

Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics Co Ltd

Silan logo
Dr. Jianyong Zhang photo

Dr. Jianyong Zhang


Huixi Technology Co.,Ltd.

Huixi Technology Co.,Ltd. logo
TK Gu photo


Assistant General Manager & Senior Expert of Technology Center

Hunan Sanan Semiconductor Co Ltd

Sanan logo
Ning Jin photo

Ning Jin


Huzhou Industrial Group

Weiwei Luo photo

Dr. Weiwei Luo



Innoscience logo
Dr. David Haynes photo

Dr. David Haynes

VP, Specialty Technologies Strategy

Lam Research

Lam Research logo
Dr. Wei Zhao photo

Dr. Wei Zhao

Strategic Marketing Director

Onto Innovation

onto innovation logo

Ben Yang


Shenzhen CVA Innovation Co Ltd

Shenzhen CVA Chip logo
Dr. Key Chung photo

Dr. Key Chung

Advanced Packaging CTO

TongFu Microelectronics

TongFu Microelectronics Co., Ltd logo
Michael Ehringer photo

Michael Ehinger

Vice President, Sales, Service & Marketing

TRUMPF Hüttinger GmbH + Co. KG

Trumpf Huttinger logo
Jin Huang photo

Prof. Jin Huang

Associate Professor

Tsinghua University, School of Vehicle and Mobility

Tsinghua University, School of Vehicle and Mobility logo
Dr. Shalu Agarwal photo

Dr. Shalu Agarwal

Senior Technology and Market Analyst

Yole Développement, France

yole logo