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Keynote: Dr. Gerald Yin

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Gerald spent 20 years working in Silicon Valley from 1984 to 2004. He led to develop many successful plasma etchers in the world wide industry which help Lam Research and Applied Materials gaining etch market leader position. Through Lam and Tokyo Electronics JV, he also help TEL established CCP etch foundation. He is one of major leaders in plasma etch technology and product development as well as commercialization. He is the major inventor of 91 US patents and 237 other country patents.

Dr. Gerald Yin has served as AMEC’s chairman and CEO since the company founded in 2004. After 18 years effort, AMEC becomes the leading high-end semi equipment company in China, a rising star in the world semi equipment industry. AMEC developed IC front end CCP and ICP plasma etchers, advanced TSV/MEMS etcher and MOCVD products running production at more than 70 wafer fabs. AMEC went on IPO in July 2019. In the Customer Satisfaction Survey conducted by VSLI Research, an US leading semi marketing company, showed that AMEC won the third and fourth place among the world semi companies in 2018, 2019 and 2021. Together with Intel Chairman and other distinguished semi executives, Dr. Yin was named one of Top 10 “All Stars of International Semiconductor Industry” in 2018 by VLSI Research. In 2020, AMEC was listed as one of “The World’s Most Innovative Companies ” and Dr. Yin was named “ 50 Best CEOs in China” by Forbes. He was named as the sole major winner of 2021 Ernest Young Entrepreneur in China.

Dr. Yin graduated from Beijing Fourth High School and received BS from University of Science and Technology, China and after 10 years working for Petrochemical industry and Chinese Academy of Sciences, he pursued graduate study in Physical Chemistry at Beijing University. He went to US in 1980 and received Ph. D. in Physical Chemistry from University of California (UCLA).

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Semiconductor Equipment Market Trend and Third Industry Revolution

As the IC and micro-device dimensions continue shrinking, semiconductor equipment becomes increasingly important. Due to the lithography wavelength limitation, plasma etching and chemical vapor deposition realize the fastest growth and plays more critical role in micro-fabrication. However, the cyclical business with significant up and down makes this business harder to predict and to drive. In addition, the world wide integrated effort to develop integrated circuit is interfered by the political tension, but we need to have a right strategy to continue this integrated effort. As a China based semiconductor equipment house with global agenda, AMEC is maintaining a fast growth momentum and committed to promote and facilitate the industry collaboration.

In this presentation, a concept of three generations of industry revolution is presented. The first generation industry revolution of mechanization with making machine to replace Human hand making and the second revolution of digitization with micro-making IC and micro-devices to replace Human brain and senses significantly change the way we live and the way we work. Now we are entering the third industry revolution of Superman Era, i.e. making superman replace original Human and this will change ourselves. This era will change the way we live and the way we work much deeply than the first and second revolutions. We as the digital industry drivers need to understand this situation, proactively participate in, drive and succeed in this new era.

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Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment Inc. China (AMEC)

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