Dr. Min-Hwa Chi
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Dr. Minhwa Chi

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Dr. Min-hwa Chi received his BS, MS, and Ph.D in EE at National Taiwan University, University of Rhode Island, and University of California -Berkeley (1982) respectively. He has served VLSI industry in Intel (1982-1988), KFI technology (1988-1994), and National Semiconductor (1994-97) in NVM, CMOS-Imager, and module process development. He served foundry industry for TSMC (1997-2005) as Sr. Director/R&D, GlobalFoundries (2011-15) as Sr. Fellow/Dir, SMIC China (2006-2011 and 2015-2018), SiEn (QingDao) Integrated Circuits (2018-2021) and GTA semiconductor (2022-now) as SVP/TD and chief scientist. He served as guest professor at Qingdao University (2019~now) and Peking University (2010-11); and honorary professor at Fu-Dan University (2008-10, and 2021-now) at China. He is IEEE Life Sr. member (2001). He has 258 US patents (or >600 international patents); published 3 books and 104+ technical papers in areas of CMOS Logic/FinFET, Flash memory, CMOS Imager, DRAM, and Power devices.

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Advanced Technologies of SiC Power Devices with High Reliability for Automotive Applications

Power devices based on SiC material have demonstrated superior performance than Si based power devices in high breakdown field, high power density, lower switching loss, high operation temperatures, etc. However, for automobile applications, it shall have superior reliability in addition to above performance advantages. We discuss technology enhancement of SiC
devices in reliability of gate oxide, trench profile, minimizing internal field, equalizing current loading, minimize electro-migration and stress migration, etc.

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