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Dr. Tamara Baksht

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Tamara studied Philosophy and Physics in Tomsk State University, Russia, where she was born and raised. Going forward, she gained a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Tel Aviv University, Israel, focusing on GaAs and GaN HEMTs. She started working on GaN HEMT in Gal-El (MMIC), part of the Israel Aircraft Industry.

Tamara is one of the pioneers of GaN transistors design and development, covering wide power and frequency ranges. She has years of experience running multidisciplinary GaN projects, defining work plans, budgeting, reporting, transferring  products to production, and providing customer support.

In 2010 Tamara co-founded VisIC Technologies with III-V semi-technology expert Gregory Bunin, and she has been leading the company ever since.

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GaN HEMT for Electric Car Inverter: Breakthroughs and Challenges

The mobility industry is living through the most dramatic changes since the invention of the internal combustion engine and the standardization of the manufacturing process. Society and governments are looking for zero-emission transport, while car makers are seeking the most efficient way to manufacture low-cost and long-distance electric cars. In this context, inverter efficiency became the critical performance parameter, and semiconductors with low loss switching energy, such as SiC and GaN are getting into the spotlight. In this keynote the successful development of a three- phase GaN-based inverter reference design with 400V bus voltage and 400ARMS current is discussed and the results are presented. The major steps on the way from semiconductor chip design, through module development and to full current inverter operation are discussed, chosen solutions explained and results are presented. The main challenges include robust high current > 100A GaN die, with low parametric shift because of repetitive unclamped switching tests up to 1600V; driving 4 dies in parallel to obtain equal current sharing, smooth waveform at needed current and obtaining low voltage overshoots on the gate and on the drain.

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VisIC Technologies

VisIC Technologies has a decade of experience in creating, developing, and advancing concepts based on cutting-edge Gallium Nitride-on-silicon technology. We develop solutions that help reduce energy waste in power conversion systems, with a focus on battery electric vehicles (BEV). Our patented D3GaN technology – Direct Drive D-mode GaN – addresses the automotive industry’s cost, supply, sustainability, reliability, quality, and performance needs.

With our D3GaN technology, BEV can save up to 50% on power losses over the driving cycle of the electric car, thus reducing battery cost and increasing driving range and performance. This solution also reduces the cooling system requirements and the size of the BEV inverter.

VisIC Technologies has produced the first GaN-based transistors used in automotive inverters. By utilizing the GaN on Silicon technology, we address the supply chain concern as we are using existing semiconductor high-volume production lines.

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