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Dr. KK Kuo

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  • Vice President of R&D Center
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Dr. KK Kuo is Vice President of ATX Group R&D Center, responsible for development of new technology, introduction of high technology. Dr. Kuo has over 22 years’ experience in semiconductor industry, good at new product development of RF modules, sensors, high reliability and intelligent automotive electronics, IoT IC and smart mobile communications. He holds more than 50 Chinese patents, dozens of U.S. and Taiwanese patents, and published many academic papers. Dr. Kuo is a member of IEEE Electronic Packaging Society, selected as “Science and Technology Entrepreneur of Jiangsu Province” in 2018. He graduated from Taiwan Sun Yat-Sen University with PhD in electrical engineering.

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GaN/SiC System Revolution in Power Electronics

GaN delivers fast-charging speed and higher power efficiency due to the nature of its wide band gap, high electron mobility, and high electric breakdown field than traditional Silicon material. Thus, GaN had become the most recognized material for the next generation of power electronics. There is a booming market application, ex: AC-DC, and DC-DC power converters in the market for consumer, automotive, and industry which is driven by the need for more efficient power conversion and low loss requirements. The packaging requirement for GaN devices requires good power dissipation handling and minimizing the package inductance loss in fast switching. The packaging development trend would be (1) high thermal conductivity material under the chip, (2) higher conductive density within the package to handle the heat flow, (3) minimizing inductance loss by SMD type package. All these efforts shall be made to eliminate the obstacle between GaN device and the ambient environment to deliver the most direct path possible.

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ATX Group

ATX Group, a worldwide well-known company to provide service of IC assembly and test, offering a full range of turnkey services that include package design, front-end engineering test, wafer test, package assembly and final test. Besides, ATX Group maintains a highly experienced and skilled engineering team dedicated to the research and development of the latest assembly technologies. ATX also invests the latest equipments and state-of-art facilities, making us a true extension of our customers’ manufacturing operations. Has a professional laboratory, with most advanced equipments and rich experience in semiconductor assembly and test, to provide customers with comprehensive solutions.

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