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Mike joined Amkor in 2005 and has led package developments for EMI shielding, thermally enhanced packages, sensors and high density MCM packages including 2.5D TSV and high-density fan-out (HDFO). He has worked in electronics and IC package design and manufacturing for 25 years, managing projects ranging from polyester flexible circuits to eutectic flip chip, IC package design and signal integrity. Mike has more than 40 patents in the field and holds master’s degrees in mechanical and chemical engineering.

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Heterogenous Integration: Simplifying Packaging Selection

Heterogenous integration and the use of chiplets are the logical outcome of several factors effecting the IC industry’s drive towards higher and higher performance, and to accomplish this at minimum total product cost. This drive to heterogenous solutions has stirred a new development cycle in the IC Packaging industry to prepare for these product needs.

The choice of which package to use for chiplet-based designs is driven by several important factors, most importantly, the type of die-to-die interface that is being used. This bus largely defines the physical structure such as line and space requirements, and the electrical performance which influences the type of materials used as dielectrics and design practices which must be enabled to permit a successfully product design.

This paper will examine the different approaches for heterogeneous packaging and try to simplify the IC packaging selection process. Although there are many different trade names in the industry there are only a few basic categories, and once this is understood the package selection should seem less daunting.

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