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MoChen Tian

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In 2021, he founded Kiwimoore and assumed the role of CEO. Kiwimoore is among the world’s pioneering companies, focusing on universal interconnect chiplets and system-level solutions. These are built on next-gen computing architecture and offer leading high-performance general-purpose chiplets and solutions. Their aim to enable high-computing power chips to achieve a significant leap in performance.

Former Global Vice President of NXP Semiconductors, he was accountable for marketing and team management in Greater China, encompassing Smart ID, MCU, Mobile, IoT, and other product lines.

He successfully spearheaded the product line definition in China, overseeing the entire process from market demand assessment to specification definition and product realization. This effort resulted in cumulative product lifecycle sales of $5 billion.

Previously, he served as the Head of Marketing Asia Pacific in the Chipcard & Security Division at Infineon Technologies.

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Interconnection Define Computing: Key Technology for Next Generation Computing Paradigm Evolution

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Founded in early 2021, Kiwimmore is among the world’s pioneering companies, offering “universal interconnect chiplets and system-level solutions” based on the Chiplet architecture,our primary product lineup comprises two types of products: High-speed interconnect IO Die
and High-performance interconnect Base Die. Additionally, we provide a series of Die2Die IPs, Chiplet software design platforms, and other hardware and software products.

We target the AIGC-driven high-performance computing markets, such as data centers, autonomous driving, personal computing platforms, and more. Our company is dedicated to delivering chiplet system-level solutions with the interconnect chiplets. These solutions are designed to assist our customers in expediting the development of intricate, high-computing-power chips in a more efficient manner.

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