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Dr. Raja Swaminathan

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  • Corporate VP, Advanced Packaging
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Dr. Raja Swaminathan is the Corporate Vice President and Senior Fellow at AMD driving advanced packaging strategy and development with ecosystem partners. He was a package architect at Intel, moved to Apple to develop their M1x silicon package architectures before moving to AMD to drive their industry leading chiplet architecture integration, including the recently released 3D VCache and 2.5D EFB package architectures. He received his Bachelors’ from IIT Madras and PhD from Carnegie Mellon University. He has over 35 US patents in the field, an IEEE Senior Member and is on the technical advisory board for the Semiconductor research corporation (SRC) and Deca Corporation.

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Advanced Packaging: Enabling Moore’s Law’s Next Frontier Through Heterogeneous integration

With chiplet architectures becoming mainstream, and recognized as fundamental to enabling the continued economically viable growth of power efficient computing, advanced package architectures are becoming more critical to enabling Moore’s Law’s next frontier through heterogeneous integration. In this talk, we will cover the advanced package architectures being enabled by AMD to enable PPAC (power, performance, area and cost) improvements as well as enable heterogeneous architectures. AMD’s 3D V-Cache architecture and Elevated Fan out bridge (EFB) technology will be discussed in detail, and some of the future integrated architectures will also be previewed.

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AMD is a global semiconductor company operating at 40+ locations in over 20 countries, including R&D facilities, international sales offices, and joint ventures with assembly/test manufacturing facilities in Malaysia and China. AMD was incorporated in 1969, and headquartered in Santa Clara, California with approximately 10,100 employees worldwide. At the close of the fiscal year ending December 28, 2019 AMD had revenue of approximately $6.731 billion for the 2019 fiscal year.

For nearly 50 years, AMD has driven innovation in high-performance computing, graphics, and visualization technologies — the building blocks for gaming, immersive platforms, and the data center. Hundreds of millions of consumers, leading Fortune 500 businesses, and cutting-edge scientific research facilities around the world rely on AMD technology to help improve how they live, work, and play. AMD employees around the world are focused on building great products that push the boundaries of what is possible. AMD is publicly traded under NASDAQ: AMD (NASDAQ: AMD). For more information visit: www.amd.com.

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