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抱歉,此内容目前仅提供英文版 Dr. Naveed Sherwani is a well-known semiconductor industry veteran, researcher, author, serial entrepreneur, and academician. Throughout his 35 years of experience, he has formed and built several companies including Intel Microelectronics Services, Open-Silicon, Brite Semiconductor, Anasage, HiSilicon, HighBitCoin, PeerNova, StarFive, LeapFive, ChinaFive, SemiFive, Lampro Mellon, Global Semiconductor Group, GS Microelectronics, and RapidSilicon. He has successfully raised over $500M in funding from leading venture capitalists and created over $3B in value.

Dr. Sherwani earned both a PhD and master’s degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and a BE degree at NED University in Karachi, Pakistan. It was during his time at NED that he started his first company, The Coaching Center, at the age of 18. It went on to become a technical training college with 225 students and 11 employees within three years.

After earning his PhD in 1988, Dr. Sherwani served as a professor at Western Michigan University for six years before joining Intel in 1994. At Intel, his work was focused on the design automation of some of the complex chips of that era. In 1999, he founded Intel Microelectronics Services, raising funding from Intel Capital, where he pioneered open methodology for EDA.

Later, he founded Open-Silicon in 2003 and raised funding from leading VCs including Sequoia, Norwest, and Interwest. Open-Silicon became a leader in chip design services and was later sold to PE in 2008.

He then founded Brite Semiconductor in 2008, which is a leading solution provider in China/APAC. He raised funding from leading VCs in China including Gobi Ventures. It was sold to SMIC in 2012.

Subsequently, in 2013, He started three companies including Anasage, an enterprise sales analytics company, Hisilicon, a Serdes company, and PeerNova, a blockchain-based financial services company. In 2016, he raised funding for PeerNova from leading VCs including IVP, Mosaic Ventures and others.

During his time at SiFive, Dr. Sherwani raised multiple rounds of funding from leading VCs including, Sutterhill, Osage, Spark, and strategics including Intel, Samsung, Hynix, Western Digital, and Xiomen. SiFive has become a tech unicorn.

During 2018-2019, Dr. Sherwani has co-founded four new RISC-V-related companies in China, Korea, and Pakistan including StarFive, LeapFive and ChinaFive in China, SemiFive in South Korea, and Lampro Mellon in Lahore, Pakistan.

More recently, he founded Global Semiconductor Group, GS Microelectronics (an OSAT company), and RapidSilicon (an FPGA company).

Earlier in his career, as a researcher and academic, his area of research included VLSI, EDA, combinatorics, graph theory, and parallel computation. He published several books including the textbook on-chip design, Algorithms for VLSI Physical Design Automation. This book is a standard textbook in graduate classes in most leading universities throughout the world. He has also authored over 125 technical articles on various aspects of VLSI physical design automation and ASICs, which have been published in leading publications and conferences, with several of them receiving best paper awards.

Dr. Sherwani also graduated several master’s and Ph.D. students over the years. Many of his students have become famous on their accord by founding many companies and serving in major international companies.

For his services in Pakistan, Dr. Naveed Sherwani was awarded Sitara-e-Quaidazam in 2019, by President Arif Alvi.

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Moderator of Panel: Future of RISC-V: Bright or Still Murky?

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OSFPGA Foundation

The Open Source FPGA Foundation is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization with a vision and mission of accelerating the worldwide awareness and widespread adoption of FPGA technology as an integral component of semiconductors in the Autonomous & Ubiquitous Intelligence Age through the proliferation of open-source FPGA and eFPGA fabrics and associated tooling, to lower the barriers of entry.

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Rapid Silicon

Rapid Silicon brings creativity to FPGA design by combining the open-source FPGA methodology with proprietary technologies that enable a faster design to silicon turnaround. In addition, our innovative AI-enhanced EDA tools provide the most optimized design result than the traditional approach which satisfies the needs in general-purpose or domain-specific applications.