Dr. Hongchao Liu


  • 安徽长飞先进半导体有限公司
  • 高级副总裁、首席科学家
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现任长飞先进半导体高级副总裁、首席科学家,中国科学院上海硅酸盐研究所材料科学博士(1997),德国洪堡学者(AvH Research fellow,2000)。多年的学术界和工业界经历使他对技术产业化和国际化有着丰富经验和独特理解。他在中国科学院,日本名古屋工业大学,德国明斯特大学,日本和歌山大学从事研究工作10多年,已经在国内外主要学术期刊和国际会上发表论文34篇。在华润微电子、上海先进半导体(积塔)等集成电路企业工作超过20年。获授权国家发明专利权和授权实用新型专利权超过20项、集成电路版权10多项。获得过德国洪堡奖学金和亚洲晶体学会青年科学家奖等荣誉,中国晶体学会第二届理事、上海半导体照明工程技术协会理事、兼任上海第二工业大学教授,中日氧化镓产业技术创新战略联盟技术专家委员会委员。

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SiC power device is becoming crucial in new energy industry, especially in driving the BEV car to penetrate the market. However, comparing with Si devices, SiC devices are prevailing their applications, since making SiC devices reliable is still challenging. The reliability issues might arise from substrates, epi, processing, assembly, even the final test and application. In this presentation, the defects from different processing stages are sampled, and their impacts on device reliability are outlined. It can be seen that effective tools and more reliable data are needed for screening those flawed devices. In YASC, we are introducing new tools, accumulating data, and know-how to make the SiC device reliable and robust.

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YASC dedicates to the design, process, and fabrication of devices of SiC and GaN. Currently, we are one of the leading 6-inch fab in mass production with advanced supporting systems, provides turn-key services from chip design, epitaxial processing, wafer manufacturing, probing, assembly, module packaging, reliability and final test.