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即思創意創辦人兼執行長。即思創意是一間專注於碳化硅功率器件的無晶圓廠設計公司,其基於自有專利設計的 650V~1700V碳化硅 MOSFET 已量產並獲得在服務器電源、充電樁、儲能及光伏等領域的領先企業採用。顏誠廷在碳化硅器件的設計、工藝、信賴性及系統應用上有超過十年的經驗,目前為擔任ISPSD的技術委員,曾發表及申請超過150篇的論文及專利。

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High Accuracy SPICE Model facilitate optimized design of power electronics with SiC MOSFETs

An accurate SPICE model is important for power electronics RD designers to pick up the right topologies according to applications and to optimize the layouts and choose the right components. Characteristics of SiC MOSFET are difficult to modeling using conventional Si-based physics models, and current commercially available models are mostly not accurate here or there, which reduced the usefulness of simulation and increased the complexity for achieving optimized designs. We’ve developed a SPICE model which can be applied to both planar and trench SiC MOSFET with very high accuracy, which will enable engineers to reach their target in an more efficient way.

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即思創意是一間碳化硅功率器件供應商。我們以自有專利生產 650V~1700V 的高效能碳化硅MOSFET和二極管離散式元件和裸晶片,供應給包括光伏逆變器、充電樁、儲能系統、電池管理、測試設備、馬達驅動、數據中心電源供應器、車載充電器和直流轉化器以及新能源車與工控功率模塊製造商等客戶。

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