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學歷: 交通大學 電子工程所博士、台灣大學EMBA 管理碩士

專長領域: 奈米半導體工藝與器件技術、寬能隙功率半導體與器件技術、3D IC與系統芯片封裝技術、新世代非揮發性記憶體技術 (RRAM, MARM)、高密度基因晶片技術、研發與營運管理


  • 湖南三安半導體有限公司 總經理特助兼技術中心資深專家
  • 湖南三安芯片廠通線總指揮, 先進工藝開發負責專家, 芯片代工事業 產銷研整合組 組長
  • 創建台灣第一條基因測序晶片專用6吋半導體產線並成功量產高密度DNA晶片
  • 圖誠科技IC設計公司 產品工程處長
  • 台灣第一家GPU(3D繪圖晶片)專業設計公司
  • 150nm至90nm節點先進系統芯片(SoC)工藝與器件開發與量產


  • 寬能隙電力電子技術研發聯盟(WPEC) 秘書長(2011-2015)
  • 台灣首個寬能隙功率電子技術國際論壇IWBPE 秘書長/主辦人 (2010-2014)
  • 先進芯片3D堆疊技術研發聯盟(AdSTAC) 秘書長 (2010-2015)
  • 台灣最大IC技術國際研討會VLSI-TSA symposia 秘書長/主辦人 (2011-2015)
  • 台灣最大記憶體技術論壇NNVM秘書長/主辦人 (2010-2014)
  • SEMI 3D IC標準委員會 台灣技術委員會共同主席

榮譽/獲獎: 獲獎紀錄約19次


  • 專利獲得超過34件、期刊論文發表約15篇、會議論文發表超過50篇

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How vertical integration empower the SiC power device foundry?

Thanks to its wideband gap and superior material characteristic, SiC based power electronic device is now becoming a rising star in many killer applications, for examples, automotive, PV, fast charger, PFC, …..etc. However, the material cost (i.e. substrate and epitaxial) typically dominate the 50%~65% cost in overall SiC power devices. It will significantly delay the real market explosion of SiC power electronics. Contrast to conventional horizontally divided supply chain in Si based industry, vertically integration is becoming an attractive way to reduce the overall cost and ensure the shipping quality in SiC power electronic products. Many SiC players are therefore toward IDM (Integrated device manufacturer) model accordingly. However, it is still not the case in power electronic foundry business. Especially in SiC, the dominated foundry player primary focus on wafer process only. The materials (i.e. substrate and epitaxial) is either purchased externally or cosigned by customers. The SiC device foundry typically perform wafer processing service only because of lack of technology, not familiar in IDM model, or conservative in capital investment. It often leads to the consequence of high COO and quality accountability attribution issue to end customers especially based on currently horizon foundry service business model. We, Hunan Sanan Semiconductor Inc. (SAIC) are aiming to resolve this issue to empower our foundry customers by clustering facilities of 4H SiC crystal growth, substrate, epitaxial, chip processing and assembly & testing in ChungSar to establish a China-first vertically integration supply chain. In this talk, the power of vertical integration in foundry service will be demonstrated.

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